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Selling Snowshock slush can be extremely profitable; Our approach is simple to help you sell as much as possible, remember the more you sell the more profit you will generate.

Through our years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few reasons why Snowshock leads the market:


We have heavily invested in developing a widely recognised brand. Snowshock is the UK’s fastest growing slush supplier and synonymous with a great tasting quality product.

The Snowshock Yeti is easily recognised and comes branded on everything from our machines to our cups and point of sale material. All of our branded products have been carefully chosen to maximise profits whilst delivering first class quality.

We provide a complete starter pack to get you up and running in less than a week.

Lack of branding, poor tasting product, no POS support.

In otherwords, totally forgettable!


Snowshock sells the best slush machines available on the market. Why, very simple – they are reliable and simple to use which means no breakdowns and more slush sold. All machines come with a full 12 month warranty and we also provide service support and maintenance for your added convenience.

We have seen many cases of the competition providing older machines which can be difficult to repair or source parts.

Greater downtime means fewer sales and less profit.

Snowshock slushmachines are all brand new and of the highest quality.

Slush Drinks

For slush to sell well, it needs to look and taste great. Snowshock entered the market over 10 years ago to create a better product. We are renown for providing a leading product across a variety of flavours.

Cheap tastes cheap and this is the quickest way to halt sales. Snowshock concentrate doesn’t easily lose it colour or flavour.

Cheap slush that loses it taste and colour in minutes, leaving the customer with a cup of clear tasteless ice. Snowshock leads the way and our sales prove this.


Want to give your sales a boost.

We have a range of promotions available to help you promote your sales.

From a “scratch card promotion,’ a ‘super size for £1’, multiple offers or BOGOF, through to ‘Special Edition Football Supporters Slush’ or ‘Halloween Creepy Slush’ we have a full range to support our retailers.

Remember our job is to make yours easy.

No promotions! Less sales